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Guarantee Issue Medical Insurance

Turned down for Medical Coverage?

Individual health insurance can be hard to qualify for.  If you have been turned down for coverage, you can get coverage. There a numerous health plans that provide coverage on a Simplified or Guaranteed Issue basis. 

These plans provide limited coverage and are not as comprehensive.  Still, they are good enough to put some money between you and the hospital. 

Most health plans have a 12 month pre-existing condition clause which means pre-existing conditions will not be covered for the 1st 12 months. 

The State of Louisiana does offer a very good Guaranteed Issue Health Plan but it tends to be expensive. Please click here to be taken to their site.  If you have any questions regarding this coverage, please feel free to call us.

Easy to Qualify for Health Plans.

Most Guarantee Issue Limited Plans include PPO benefits which means that you get the same discount that insurance companies receive.  This alone can save you thousands. 

If you have been turned down for health coverage, there is help.  Please call us so we can access your individual needs.  You may actually qualify for comprehensive benefits with another company or be eligible for an outstanding hosptial only plan. 

 In any case, you will want to seek out professional advice.  Were here to help.